Below are our most common questions in regards to eyelash extensions.

Can I go to the beach with eyelash extensions on?

Yes!!  We say it’s ok to goto the beach 24-48 hours after your appointment, especially if you want to take a dip 🙂 It takes anywhere from 4-6 hours hours for the bonding agent to seal on your eyelash extensions, so we advise not wetting your lashes at all for the first 24 hours.  Do you want to head down to Dee Why, or Manly Beach?  It is safe to do so.

Does salt water ruin eyelash extensions?

We advise not spending a massive amount of time in the ocean to prolong your lashes as they can fall off when you swim, however it is safe to do so after the 24 hour period.

Can you go in the shower with eyelash extensions?

If you can, try to avoid wetting your lashes within the first 24 hours.  The water can cause a flash cure, which makes the sealing bond brittle and will break away from the eyelash extensions

Do lash extensions damage your eyelash?

A big myth is eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes.  This simply is not true.  If put on by a lash technician, you can be rest assured it will be applied correctly and safely.  However you have to avoid pulling on them, or rubbing your eyes to protect your lashes.  Book now and experience it for yourself

Do magnetic lashes ruin your real lashes?

Yes, especially when you remove them as they can pull out your natural lashes.  We highly recommend only using eyelash extensions that are put on from a trained lash tech

Can you put mascara on lash extensions?

Yes you can, however it can’t be an oily based product as it will dissolve the bonding agent of the eyelash extensions.

Can I wear eyeliner with lash extensions?

We highly recommend against using eyeliners while having our Northern Beaches eyelash extensions on.  This is because the oily based products can cause the glue to become brittle and break down fast.  Also the pencil eyeliners can get tangled and twist the lashes, causing premature loss.

Are eyelash extensions worth getting?

Yes of course!!!! However you must weigh up if the time, money and up-keep is worth it in your eyes as no one is the same.  However we believe everyone looks absolutely beautiful with extensions on.  Try us today here

How do you sleep after eyelash extensions?

There is always a chance of rubbing off your eyelash extensions while sleeping.  This is usually caused if the client likes to sleep with her face in the pillow or rubs their eyes when they sleep.  We find if you sleep on your side or back, there is a much greater chance to retain your lashes.

How do you shower with eyelash extensions?

Never use anything oily to clean your face or your lashes as this can cause premature lash loss.  You can let the water run off the lashes in the shower only after 24 hours.  This will help them clean slightly.  To wash them properly, you should always use a lash shampoo and cleaning brush.  These can be purchased in store.

How often should I clean my lash extensions?

We clean our lashes daily to keep them looking great and it also helps with retention.  It’s not uncommon for us to still have lashes after 6 weeks because of this.  This is due to lash care and hygiene.  However if you find everyday is too much, every few days is fine to keep them clean.  It will take you about 1 minute each time.  You can purchase the lash shampoo & brush in store. Protection Status