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We asked Krissy 12 questions, some personal, some professional about her time running Lashes By Krissy.


What inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry, specifically in lashes and brows?

A:  I came to Australia almost 7years ago, and I’ve always loved how getting lashes made me feel.
I used to do my make up before work and it would take me 45 mins and I’d get cranky if I can’t put a strip lash on or can’t do both of my brows even.
Now I have brow tattoo done and with lashes I feel like I can conquer the world and am ready for my day.

Share a fun fact or a hobby outside of work that clients may not know about you.

A:  I’m a busy person, but I get up 5 in the morning to go to the gym.
I do this  5-6 times a week. It’s helped me a lot with my mental health.
It’s something I do for myself as it’s tough juggling personal life and business.

What is your favorite part of helping clients enhance their lash and brow beauty?

A:  My favourite part is when they open their eyes and see how much they love their lashes.
To be able to cater for their personalised needs, from natural to full glam and make them feel special for bdays, holidays or special events in their life.

Do you have a favorite lash or brow trend or style? If so, what is it, and why do you love it?

A:  I am obsessed with wispy lashes.
I think it’s a perfect combination of glam and natural look, adding texture that’s just beautiful when clients open their eyes.
Its fun and I always get that high feeling when clients ask me and trust me to do this appointment.

Can you provide a tip or trick for maintaining healthy lashes and brows between salon visits?

A.  I usually wash my lashes in the shower.  I get scared washing it in the vanity because i got one of my eyes closed haha.
It’s easier to wash in the shower so I can rinse straightaway.
Wash the lashes after you’ve done your shampoo and conditioner to remove any excess products.
With brows always keep the brows hydrated. A brow serum is perfect addition to your skin care.

Share a memorable client success story or transformation that you’ve been a part of.

A: I would just say not only that clients feel extra beautiful after the appointment but it’s also the fact that I made most of my friends with the line of my work.
It’s amazing to be able to share our stories and see growth with my clients all throughout this year.
From them getting married, having babies, getting a new job, quitting a stressful job and many more. It’s amazing to be part and be able to listen to them.

What sets Lashes By Krissy apart from other salons, in your opinion?

A.  My team and I work really hard to provide the best service to all the clients that come in to the salon.
From our smiling face when you enter the salon, our respect for our client. Our snack bar, drink on arrival.

How do you stay updated on the latest beauty trends and techniques in the industry?

A:  I follow a lot of companies on socials that always post updated trends and techniques from all over the world.
When I say a lot, I mean 100’s haha.

What do you enjoy most about working with our team at the salon?

A.   The team are so much fun!

Seriously couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.  We hang out on the weekend going to the beach or bowling.

But in the salon as well, we always help each other out and look after each other.  It’s a great bond.

Is there a particular product or treatment you recommend for clients looking to achieve their lash and brow goals?

A.  First would be lash shampoo always! Clean lashes last longer and keep your lashes healthier.
2nd, If you want something permanent and tired of filling in your brows, brow tattoo has been my life saver for the past 7 years

Share one piece of advice for clients seeking the best lash and brow care.

A:  For lash extensions it’s best to schedule your infill on time to keep lashes full, as we book up fast.
And always, wash your lashes.

What do you hope clients will experience when they visit your salon?

I hope that current and future clients will have an amazing experience with us.
I hope our beautiful clients know that we are here and they can always reach out to us.
The friendships that get built with amazing people.

More to come

We will be doing this for all of our staff, so keep tuned.
Take care xx

Eyebrow microblading is the art of creating fuller thicker eyebrows through the use if a manual tattooing technique. The process involves the application of detailed, fine lines on the eyebrow area that effectively mimic the natural color and fine hairs that form the eyebrow. First, a fine scalpel or blade is used to make fine, microstroking incisions on the skin in a shape and form that has been predetermined by the microblading specialist and the client. Next, ink or dye is placed on the area that effectively soaks into the tiny incisions, creating a tattoo.

Benefits from Permanent Cosmetics

The brow microstroking tattoos are semi-permanent which means that while they won’t wash away easily, they will only last around 6 months before a reapplication becomes necessary. It is recommended not to get the eyebrow area wet for a couple of days after the procedure to ensure that the ink has a chance to settle and that it remains for longer.

  1. Poor vision or just cant see well to apply your makeup anymore
  2. Allergies to topical makeup or skin sensitivities
  3. An unsteady hand or poor motor skills due to Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or stroke survivors.
  4. People with busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules who want to look their best all day long with out having to stop, check and re-apply their makeup due to smudging or smearing. Those of you whom after a busy day want to look great for your evening without having to do a thing
  5. People who enjoy activities like working out at the gym, yoga, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, tennis, camping, etc., that are concerned with their eyebrows or makeup coming off. Some people even avoid activities such as these because of that concern. Through permanent makeup, I can give you the personal freedom you need to go do the activities you enjoy.

The procedure should always be performed by a professional in hygienic environment using sterile instruments. Infection can result from not using clean and hygienic equipment. Bleeding can occur and it is best to take steps to minimize this by refraining from consuming alcohol or using and blood thinning medication at least 72 hours before the procedure.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful

zoe kravitz

If the tattoo’s so great, why not get it done permanently? Well permanent eyebrow tattoo may become discolored overtime giving your eyebrows a color that may fall into a blueish to greenish shade. Also, with semi-permanent, you’re not out of luck if your brow shape is totally “out” because reshaping is always possible. Protection Status